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Technical data

On the 15 hectares (150.000 m2) area of the Lake Forest Villa Park there are nearly 74 plots assigned, each having the size of minimum 1200 m2, fully equipped with public utilities, of which 13 will be located near the lake shore.

The building plots, registered with individual topographical numbers are going to have their own public utility connections. The following public utilities are provided, without installing the meters:

Drinking water within the plot boundaries, with closed pipe ending. Min. 0,7 m3/day.

Sewage cleaning tank. Min. 0,7 m3/day.

Electric cable at the standard depth, with cable end trimming. Min. 1x25 A

Gas at standard depth, with pipe closing. Min.4 m3/nap


Establishing the telecommunication basic features.

In parallel with establishing the public utilities, the sports facilities and community areas construction will be started.

In order to preserve the characteristics, feeling and the natural approach of the villa park, the area received the title of interior zone – priority holiday resort classification.

The allowed building-in ratio is 20% and the maximum building height is 5,5m, which allows the construction of family houses, villas (maximum 2 flat detached houses). The distance of the front and side gardens is 5 m, in order to provide greater comfort.

The deadline of finishing the top viacolor paths will be determined together with the property owners, in order to minimize the possible damages caused by the construction traffic.